Executive summary of the EIA report of Shivani 1.25 MTPA opencast coal mining project of Wardha Valley Coalfield at Tahsil – Wani, Dist. – Yeotmal, Maharashtra

The proposed Shivani OC mine is Yekona – II Extension block. The Yekona-II Extension block assessed in the present report forms the northern part of
the Wardha Valley Coalfield.

The presence of coal in this part was earlier proved in scout boreholes drilled by MECL and based on boreholes  drilled upto Dec.'91 a geological note "Status note on exploration for coal in Manegaon and Yekona area, Wardha Valley Coalfield" was prepared by MECL in Jan.'92. This discovery of coal provided the necessary impetus to the coal proving activity in this area.
Based on the findings of MECL during 1987 to 1991, two potential blocks viz. Yekona-I & II were identified by CMPDI for detailed exploration.
Location of the mine
i. Village : Shivani
ii. Tehsil : Wani
iii. District : Yeotmal
iv. State : Maharashtra
Geographical location
i. Latitude : 20014’05” to 20015’1” N
ii. Longitude : 780 54’23” to 78055’25” E
Total Land area : 780.00 ha
Shifting of Shivani village –
Shivani village which is on the Eastern rise side of the proposed access trench (shown in quarry layout plan) is to be shifted & rehabilitated . Rs 21.2369 Crores is proposed for shifting and rehabilitation of Shivani village.
In order to effectively implement the programme of plantation , land reclamation and other control measures for maintaining the environmental quality of air, water , noise, soil etc. the project personnel in close co-ordination with Area General Manager , Wani North Area , along with General Manager ( Environment ) , WCL (HQ) , will make concerted effort to carry out and monitor progress at each level and effectively implement the various control measures for environmentally sustainable mining in the area. This has been discussed in detail in the relevant chapter in the EIA/EMP. 8.0
In view of the above and as per the Terms of Reference (TOR) dated 23.03.2012 for proposed Shivani OC project, Tahsil – Wani, Dist. – Yeotmal for production capacity 1.25 MTPA (Normative); 1.4375 MTPA (Peak) and Land area 780 ha, Public Hearing may be conducted as per EIA Notification 2006.