A Post-2015 global goal for water

UN-Water has released a paper, titled ‘A Post-2015 Global Goal for Water: Synthesis of Key Findings and Recommendations from UN-Water.' The publication discusses: a dedicated global goal for water; a water goal building on existing commitments; a proposed framework for a global goal for water; costs and benefits associated with a global goal for water; implementation of the proposed framework; and conclusions. The framework outlined in the paper identifies “securing sustainable water for all” as a proposed overarching goal with five associated targets in short form: achieve universal access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene; improve by (x%) the sustainable use and development of water resources in all countries; all countries strengthen equitable, participatory and accountable water governance; reduce untreated wastewater by x%, nutrient pollution by y% and increase wastewater reuse by z%; and reduce morality by (x%) and economic loss by (y%) from natural and human-induced water-related disasters.

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