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  • 14/03/2007

Out of site Burnt or buried, garbage needs land

Urban India's tryst with garbage is played out in many theatres. Surat Municipal Corporation in Gujarat has developed a sanitary landfill of 3.6 hectares on a tract of saline land near Khajod village, about 15 km west of the city. The landfill was ready three years ago but it has not been used. The Gujarat State Pollution Control Board (gspcb) has not permitted disposal of mixed municipal solid waste in the landfill, says Asit Nema of the Foundation for Greentech Environmental Systems, an ngo in Delhi that researches water and sanitation. Nema prepared a case study of solid waste treatment and disposal technology options in January 2007.

gspcb has rigidly interpreted the Municipal Solid Waste Rules 2000, under which only non-biodegradable waste

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