Dressed down

  • 14/03/2003

Dressed down The Supreme Court (SC) recently demanded a status report from the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government on the implementation of previous orders to establish oxidation ponds to treat industrial waste. The state's counsel admitted to a delay but attributed it to the time-consuming process of acquiring land. Incidentally, the UP government had previously sought refuge in the lack-of-funds alibi for not establishing these clean-up plants.

The SC has also asked for updates from eight other states and 122 municipalities on its earlier directive to set up oxidation ponds to clean up domestic sewage before release into the Ganga.

Meanwhile, untreated sewage from industries continues to flow into Lucknow's Gomti river, a tributary of the Ganga. The UP government has been equally lax in adhering to the timetable set under the Gomti Action Plan (GoAP).

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