Corporate social responsibility has become a buzzword in industry. Business organizations these days take great pains in emphasizing the ethical side of their activities, with many even having corporate social responsibility departments.

One tends to wonder, however, how genuine this concept is. Is it a gloss over human rights abuses? This site under review is run by Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, a UK-based non-profit organization which keeps a tab on the human rights records of businesses all over the world.

The site covers over 3,600 companies, in 180 countries. It covers a wide range of topics including discrimination, environment, poverty and development, labour, access to medicines, health and safety, and security and trade.

Easy navigability is amongst the site' virtues. Companies are listed according to industry. Topics are also arranged according to issues. There are lists detailing landmark litigation.

It also has links to a wide range of materials published by NGOs, companies and business organizations, the UN, governments, policy experts, academics, social investment analysts and journalists. The materials are mostly in English, Spanish and French, with a few in Portuguese and German.

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