Stop pesticide poisonings!: a time travel through international pesticide policies

Stop Pesticide Poisonings depicts why a growing number of individuals and organisations no longer believe that training can achieve so called safe use of hazardous pesticides. Instead, many bodies call for a progressive ban of hazardous pesticides and support a systematic phase-in of agro-ecological approaches to produce food and fibre and to manage plant pests and diseases in agriculture. Stop Pesticide Poisonings takes the reader on a journey through the years since pesticide poisonings in developing countries first came to international attention. It highlights the global efforts to solve pesticide-related problems, and looks behind the statements and statistics of dangerous pesticide use and poisonings in developing countries. The key message of Stop Pesticide Poisonings is that safe use of highly hazardous pesticides is not possible, especially in developing countries. It suggests the urgent need for a progressive ban of highly hazardous pesticides, while phasing in sustainable, ecosystem-based plant production systems.