The future of electricity: attracting investment to build tomorrow’s electricity sector

The electricity sector is undergoing an unprecedented transition. Significant penetration of renewable sources, combined with technological innovation on the grid and demand side, has provided the opportunity to decarbonize while reducing dependence on imported fuels. But the experiences of the EU – an early mover in the transition – and elsewhere raise concerns over the ability to attract future investment. Returns on capital on both renewables and traditional utilities have fallen, and risks for investors have risen due to policy instability. This crisis of “investability” has highlighted lessons for policy-makers, regulators, business and investors in both developed and developing markets. At the same time, new business and investment opportunities are emerging in services that are much closer to the electricity customer, including products that help customers reduce their electricity consumption and generate their own power. The Future of Electricity – Attracting Investment to Build Tomorrow’s Electricity Sector, written in collaboration with Bain & Company, outlines recommendations to attract the needed investment and grasp these new opportunities.