High impact zone

  • 14/05/2007

No proper assessment of damage by port

The deep-water Pondicherry Port is slated to be constructed in four phases over eight years. The eia report has proposed a roadmap. Phase 1 will involve the construction of the deep-water port, a breakwater and container berths with a capacity of 540,000 teu (twenty-foot container equivalent), one general cargo berth with a capacity of 600,000 tonnes and a cruise liner terminal. Phase 2 will involve construction of facilities for bulk cargo like coal and iron ore. Phase 3 will include facilities for liquid substances like molasses and edible oils. Phase 4 will involve construction of a third container berth, upgrading container capacity to 900,000 teu. The eia report was submitted to moef on February 20, 2007.

Not getting the drift
Considering the location of the port, its size, expected traffic mobility and littoral drift (coastal sand movement), it is clear that environmental impact will be cumulative. The eia report has failed to assess these, only discussing issues that are project-specific and, therefore, coming up with superficial ameliorative measures (see box: No real basis?). It also seems to follow a rapid assessment rather than a comprehensive one.

There are many significant issues

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