Integrated hydrological data book (non-classified river basins)

Integrated hydrological data book (non-classified river basins) Information System Organisation (ISO) of Water Planning & Projects Wing (WP&P) in CWC is a statistical unit of CWC entrusted in compiling data collected by CWC field offices and bringing out publications for backing up data for planning and policy formulation and researchers relating to water resources. Among these publications the present one is on hydrological data entitled “Integrated Hydrological Data Book”. River management is one of the key issues for political and economical affairs of the country. For designing and execution of water resource projects in the country, planners and policy makers require a comprehensive and reliable time series data on hydrological aspects. The primary objective of this data book is to provide those data. The scope of this publication is limited to non-classified river basins. It contains data pertaining to non-classified river basins only. In the country there are 3 classified river basins, namely, Indus, Ganga, Brahmaputra and Barak, Minor river draining into Myanmar and Bangladesh. The rest of the river basins are treated as non-classified basins.

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