Fazilka ecocabs: world’s first dial-a-rickshaw scheme

  • 17/05/2015
  • GIZ

Fazilka ecocabs: world’s first dial-a-rickshaw scheme The publication investigates Fazilka Ecocabs, the world’s first dial-a-rickshaw scheme. Founded in Fazilka, Punjab, India by Navdeep Asija, Ecocabs serves primarily as philanthropy-driven social enterprise, which aims to raise the socio-economic status of rickshaw pullers through a strengthening of the already existing network of cycle rickshaws. At the same time, Ecocabs also improved existing rickshaw designs in order to revitalize cycle rickshaws as a sustainable mode of transport in Fazilka and other urban areas in the region. As a result, Fazilka has been nationally and internationally recognized as an environmentally friendly, inexpensive mode of transportation.