Water and related statistics 2015

This publication is being brought out once in every two years and covers a wide range of data on water resources and its related resources in the country. The last edition of this publication was brought out in 2013. It comprises five chapters and appendix tables. Summary tables and charts have been included within the chapters to facilitate overview and better understanding. Chapter 1 presents inter-alia global water scenario etc while Chapter 2 deals with Inland Water Resources and other water bodies, river basin-wise catchment area, year-wise volume of rainfall, basin-wise flow and storage potential, State-wise UIP of M&M and MI etc. Chapter 3 gives inter-alia data on selected land-use & irrigation statistics, source wise irrigated area, Plan-wise & State-wise IPC and IPU of M&M and MI, detail about AIBP etc. Chapter 4 presents financial performance on M&M Irrigation, Flood Management, CADWM, etc. Chapter 5 gives a brief account on the extent of various kind of land degradation, detail on flood damages, Plan-wise & State-wise expenditure on flood management work, detail on flood forecasting etc.

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