Agricultural statistics at a glance 2014

Agriculture has been a way of life and continues to be the single most important livelihood of the masses. Agricultural policy focus in India across decades has been on self sufficiency and self-reliance in food grains production. Considerable progress has been made on this front. Food grains production rose from 52 million tonnes in 1951-52 to 265 million tonnes in 2013-14. It is important to throw light on diverse aspects of Indian agriculture through the prism of systematic organization and presentation of statistical data. Th e Publication “Agricultural Statistics at a glance 2014” compiled by the Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation presents a comprehensive picture of the progress made by the agriculture sector at all India level as well as across the States. Th is publication provides statistical data on a wide range of agricultural commodities, details of land use, agricultural inputs, both across states and overtime.

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