Operational research to support mainstreaming integrated flood management in India under climate change: interim report

The report explains the consultative process applied to identify two sub-basins for detailed integrated flood management planning during Phase 2, and provides background information relating to the two sub-basins. This information is presented in five sections. Following the Introduction, Section 2, Flood Practices, summarizes international best practice and flood management practices in India, from the interim report. Section 3, Consultation Process and Selection of Focal Sub-basins, explains how the intra-state Burhi Gandak basin in Bihar and the inter-state Brahmani/Baitarani basin in Odisha and Jharkhand were selected. Section 4, Initial Field Investigations, describes the findings from intensive field level visits and consultation with multiple stakeholders, which leads into Section 5, Outline Phase 2 Activities. Section 6, Outlook, focuses on the Phase-2 data collection process and timeline. Section 7, References, concludes this report.

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