Growth of sponges around nylon rope and E-waste in the coastal water of Veedhalai, Gulf of Mannar, India

Marine litter pollution is common all around the marine and coastal environments. This can affect the normal life of marine fauna as entanglement, over growth of sessile organisms, consumption of micro litters as food particles etc. In the Gulf of Mannar, India, the redundant growth of sponges around the anthropogenic wastes such as fishing lines (nylon rope) and e-waste (Computer RAM) has been reported in August 2014. They source of nylon fishing wastes was due to fishing activities while the e-waste may be due to dragging of fishing net by the mechanized or motorized boats nearer to the shore. The consumption of spongivori marine organisms may engulf these litters as food which can affect the normal life of marine inhabitants. Therefore it is necessary to conduct occurrence and abundance of marine litters in the coastal waters for the well being of marine biota.

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