Draft document on Harmonization of Classification of Industries under Red/Orange/Green/White categories

During the Conference of the Environment Ministers of States held in New Delhi during April 06-07,2015, it was resolved to adopt pollution potential criteria for categorization of Red, Orange & Green categories of industries and that a Committee be constituted with State representatives. Further, in the 59th Conference of Chairmen & Member Secretaries of Pollution Control Boards/PCCs held in New Delhi on April 08, 2015, it was agreed to constitute a Committee to look into categorization system of industries based on their respective pollution potential index. Accordingly, a Committee comprising the Chairmen of CPCB, APPCB, TNPCB, MPPCB, MPCB, PPCB, WBPCB and MS, CPCB was constituted vide CPCB OM dated 23.04.2015 to review & classify industrial sectors into different categories based on criteria of respective pollution potential indices. The existing Red (85 sectors), Orange (73 sectors) and Green (86 sectors) industrial sectors have been assessed as per the proposed formula by a group of scientists from CPCB. For this purpose, concerned Engineers/Scientists from the Member SPCBs of the Committee were also involved & consulted during May 28-29, 2015. After careful examination and consideration of the suggestions of concerned stake-holders the “Draft Document on Revised Concept of Categorization of Industrial Sectors” is prepared by the Committee.

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