Low carbon futures in Canada: the role of urban climate change mitigation

A new research report, “Low Carbon Futures in Canada: The Role of Urban Climate Change Mitigation” explores Canadian cities’ commitments to urban GHG emissions reduction efforts and outlines concrete opportunities for further action, including shifting focus beyond energy and enlisting federal support for these initiatives. The report found that Canadian cities and local governments are essential to creating a breakthrough for a low carbon future in Canada. More than 80 percent of Canadian citizens live in the top 10 largest metropolitan areas – making Canada’s population among the most urban globally. Despite this fact, only 46 percent of Canada’s overall emission footprint is generated in urban areas, compared with the global average of 70 percent. Canadian cities, like cities around the globe, are on the front lines of climate change and feeling its effects most acutely. And with 40%-50% percent of assets driving GHG emissions in Canada falling under the direct or indirect control of local governments, it is clear that Canadian cities are poised to be climate leaders.