Global Solar Thermal Electricity Outlook 2016

This is the 4th joint report of the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA) Greenpeace International and SolarPACES since 2003. Greenpeace developed a global energy vision – the Energy [R]evolution scenario – which provides a practical blueprint for rapidly cutting energy-related CO2 emissions in order to help ensure that greenhouse gas emissions peak and then fall by 2020. This can be achieved whilst ensuring economies in China, India and other developing nations have access to the energy that they need in order to develop and STE plays an important role especially in this context. The Global Solar Thermal Electricity Outlook 2016 goes one step further. Whilst the moderate STE market scenario is in line with the Energy [R]evolution scenario, the advanced scenario shows that this technology has even more to offer. Globally, the STE industry could employ by 2030 as many as 2.7 million people whose job will be to take up a new role in fighting climate change and deliver up to 12% of the world’s electricity by 2050.