No monkey business

  • 14/06/2000

No monkey business FOR the 50-odd viewers present at the India International Centre to watch Warriors of The Monkey God, a BBC-Discovery Channel coproduction, it was a film, that they would remember for a long time for the content as well as for the cinematography. The slick production took 10 months to shoot and is yet to be aired by the bbc. "It will only be done in October,' said Toby Sinclair, while introducing the film.

The film, whose duration is 52 minutes long, showcases one of the most enigmatic species, the langurs. In more than one way, the film is a sequel to the one shot 30 years ago by the present commissioning editor of the natural history section of bbc. At that time he had directed the film, Sinclair added. The film is directed by Phil Chapman.

The film revolves around a group of langurs

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