Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Poaching of tigers, 25/07/2016

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Poaching of tigers, 25/07/2016. The assessment of the status of tigers, co-predators and their prey 2014 using the refined methodology has shown a countrywide 30% increase in tiger numbers with an estimated number of 2226 (range 1945-2491) as compared to 2010 estimation of 1706 (range 1520-1909 tigers). The details of tiger estimation pertaining to tiger landscapes in the country for the years 2010 and 2014 are at Annexure-I. The tiger mortality in India, inter alia, including those due to confirmed poaching and seizure during the last three years and current year, as reported by States, State-wise, is at Annexure-II. 73 cases of tiger mortality have been reported by the States till date, which, inter alia, includes 21 cases of confirmed poaching including seizure, 7 cases due to natural and other causes while 45 cases are under scrutiny. The Government of India through the National Tiger Conservation Authority / Project Tiger has taken a number of steps to control poaching. The same are at Annexure-III.