In Court

  • 14/02/2006

pollution fine: A Chinese water firm has won US $285,100 in a lawsuit against three firms in the Inner Mongolian city of Baotou for polluting more than 400 km of the Yellow river. Initially, the firm had been awarded US $358,000, but after an appeal the three companies and the water firm agreed via arbitration to lower the figure.

sc petitioned: Karnataka has petitioned the Supreme Court (SC) to direct the Union government to ensure the effective functioning of the Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal. The tribunal constituted in April 2004, was to adjudicate on the water dispute amongst Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The petition has claimed that the tribunal has held only one sitting in the past 20 months due to lack of infrastructural facilities. The SC has now issued a notice to the Union government to respond.

boeing pays: The Boeing company, based in Chicago, has agreed to pay US $30 million to 133 residents in southern California to settle a lawsuit. Residents living near the company's Santa Susana Field Laboratory had alleged that pollutants from the lab had led to increased incidence of cancer, auto-immune disorders and tumours. The residents would be paid on the basis of illness, age and economic loss. The eight-year dispute was settled in September, though not disclosed then.

bolivian water dispute: Bechtel, a global engineering and construction company based in San Francisco, recently agreed to drop a legal demand for US $50 million made on the Bolivian government. The demand was made when a revolt over privatising water services in the city of Cochabamba forced the company out of Bolivia in April 2000. Following four years of international public protest against it, Bechtel agreed to abandon the case for a token payment.

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