Environment, religion and culture in the context of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development

The publication gives a brief outline of the integrated approach and the inter-linkages of the different religions; of religion, culture and the environment; and of the environment and socioeconomic dimensions of sustainable development. It uses the five specific areas critical to success - people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership - that will guide the action plan for the 2030 agenda whose objective is to leave no one behind; reach those furthest behind first; to demonstrate that the sustainable development goals are central to all faiths and how interrelated they are. Under each specific area, a description of the issues is elaborated followed by an explanation as to how environmental sustainability can attempt to resolve the issues and how religion and culture interpret these issues, citing some examples of how some faith based bodies and nongovernmental organizations have attempted to address them. It concludes with a set of recommendations on finding lasting solutions to these issues, to help free humanity from want and deprivation, and strengthen human wellbeing and duty of care.