Trends and projections in Europe 2016: tracking progress towards Europe's climate and energy targets

The 2016 edition of the annual EEA report, Trends and projections in Europe, provides an updated assessment of the progress of the EU and European countries towards their climate mitigation and energy targets. The report confirms that the European Union (EU) is well on track to meet its greenhouse gas (GHG) emission targets for 2020. In 2014, GHG emissions were 23 % less than in 1990, after an exceptional drop in emissions in 2014 due to a particularly warm winter. According to preliminary estimates, a small increase in emissions is expected to have occurred in 2015. This increase would mean a decline in EU GHG emissions for 2015 of 22 %, compared with 1990. The latest national projections available from EU Member States indicate that by 2020, EU GHG emissions will be well below the 2020 target.

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