Status of ambient noise level in India – 2015

As per section 5.2.8 (IV) of National Environment Policy (NEP) - 2006, Ambient Noise is included as environmental quality parameter and is being monitored in specific urban areas regularly. The National Ambient Noise Monitoring Network comprises of 70 Noise Monitoring Stations spread over 07 metropolitan cities which include Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow and Mumbai (10 stations in each city). The network was developed in two phases. In first phase, 35 stations were installed in above said seven cities (05 each) during 2011 and another 35 stations were added in same seven cities (05 each) in second phase during the year 2015. This document provides status of real time ambient noise monitoring level during the year 2015. It also includes information on instrumentation involved in its implementation relating to noise measurement. Chennai city is observed as the noisiest city in India followed by Hyderabad and Mumbai based on the percentage of exceedance and no. of locations violating in a city.

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