A report on assessment of pollution of drains carrying sewage /industrial effluent joining river Ganga and its tributaries (Kali-East/Ramganga) between Haridwar (Down) to Kanpur (Down)

The main causes attributed to the Pollution of River Ganga are due to disposal of industrial and domestic sewage effluent directly by drains or indirectly through tributaries. The storm water drains designated to flood-out the storm water during rainy season, are now being used for disposal of sewage and trade effluents which ultimately joins River Ganga. These drains exert pollution load into River Ganga in terms of Biochemical Oxygen demand (BOD) and Faecal Coliform Bacteria. There are possibilities that the drains may dispose toxic pollutants like metals and pesticide which they may receive from catchment area. Therefore, Assessment of Pollution of the drains is essential and in this context CPCB which has presented data on drains before the Hon’ble Tribunal and was further directed on 19.11.2016 for fresh survey and analysis by a committee.

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