Adani Files: A short history of corruption, destruction and criminal activity

  • 16/02/2017

The following report is a summary of mining giant Adani’s track record, based on research into hundreds of court documents by Environmental Justice Australia and Earthjustice and other publicly available evidence. In 2011, a ship carrying Adani coal sank off the coast of Mumbai, devastating beaches, tourism and marine life. Adani did nothing to clean up the mess for five years. Adani can’t be trusted to operate in the Great Barrier Reef. Adani’s Australian CEO was Director of Operations at another mining company when it poisoned a river in Zambia that people relied on to survive. Adani hid this from the Australian government. Adani can’t be trusted with Queensland’s water. There have been deaths, illness and injuries at Adani workplaces. Reports show Adani have exploited and underpaid their workforce, including using child labour. Adani can’t be trusted to follow the rules and look after workers in Australia.