Draft of solar policy for Goa - 2017

The state Government introduces the “Solar Energy Policy (Goa) - 2017”, with the following objectives: To promote use of solar energy for generation of power, steam and hot water for use in industrial, commercial, domestic and other applications. Only the solar PV power generation is considered here. To promote Private Sector, Corporate Sector and individual participation to harness solar energy for power generation. To promote investment, competition, efficiency in operation and economy in the field of solar energy undertakings in the State. To contribute to productive use of wastelands or abandoned mines, canal tops / banks and utilize the open space provided by these sites for Solar Power plants. To build capacity in the State to initiate and sustain, use and effective management of state-of-art solar energy technologies. To help the State Electricity Department, Open Access Users within the State and other obligated entities to meet the RPOs. To enhance skills and create employment opportunities at various levels in the State of Goa. To spread environmental awareness among the general public. To promote R&D activities related to efficient use of solar energy applications.

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