Karnataka Organic Farming Policy 2017

The State government launched the 'Karnataka Organic Farming Policy 2017', in order to enable the next level of development in Organic Farming. The Government decided to reform the Organic Farming Policy Karnataka 2004 with the new policy. This policy aims to bring organic farming into the mainstream and transform agriculture in Karnataka into a sustainable remunerative occupation enabling production of nutritious food by promoting eco-friendly organic farming and marketing systems. The policy strategies included organic farming in mainstream agriculture, focus on region and season specific crops to increase farm out put and income, added as beneficiaries under various strategies, adoption of group centric approach in production, handling and marketing of organic produce, diversified farming for maximising production, productivity and farm income and promotion of Neutra Cereals. The policy also focus on conservation and management of soil and water and agri-ecosystem, improve supply chain and infrastructure for post harvest, simplification and authentication, enforce quality control, branding, labelling and packaging of organic produce.

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