Draft report on water quality hotspots in rivers of India other than Ganga, Indus & Brahmaputra Basin

CWC is monitoring water quality at 429 stations spread all over India covering major river basins. The water quality data collected by CWC from the year 2012-13 to 2016-17 was analysed to find out the organic pollution in the rivers of India at various places. The water quality parameter that is BOD is the main indicator for indicating the pollution in the rivers due to discharge of untreated sewage in rivers. However, many industries also pollute rivers with their untreated effluents. The main stem of river Ganga and its tributaries are being monitored by NMCG and they are taking remedial measures to improve the water quality of river Ganga and its tributaries. Therefore, water quality aspect of Ganga River and its tributaries has not been taken into account in this report and Brahmaputra & Barak basin has got abundance of water and population is sparse. Therefore, it is considered that pollution in the river water in Brahmaputra & Barak basin is mainly due to geo-genic reason. In the NE region, there are hardly any large cities and big industries near the river bank. In Indus basin, CWC does not have adequate water quality sites representing the basin, therefore, water quality analysis of Indus Basin has also not been considered.

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