Renewable energy: a key climate solution

The Paris Agreement has called for reducing carbon emissions worldwide. But to sufficiently limit the rise in global temperatures, energy use would have to be completely decarbonised in less than 50 years, even amid the expected tripling of the world’s economy by 2060. This means renewable energy – already growing fast over the past decade – must grow at least seven times faster. This brief, prepared by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), highlights challenges and opportunities as the world seeks climate-safe energy solutions. A combination of renewables and energy efficiency measures will be essential. To keep the temperature rise “well below 2°C” (as per the Paris Agreement), renewables must grow to 65% of global energy supply by 2050, compared to the current 15%, IRENA’s analysis indicates. Around two-thirds of current greenhouse emissions stem from energy production and use, making decarbonisation in this sector crucial to meeting international climate goals.

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