Urban resilience and sustainability through peri-urban ecosystems: Integrating climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction

This guidance provides support to practitioners and policymakers on the role of peri-urban ecosystems in adaptation and the resilience of urban systems against climatic and water related disasters. The guidance focuses on the Asia-Pacific region in particular, but also contains helpful information for other developing country contexts. The interdependence of urban and peri-urban areas and their ecosystems form the backdrop in understanding urban carrying capacities by accounting for their supportive and assimilation strengths. Therefore, mainstreaming the integration of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction into a broader framework of urban resilience needs to recognize the roles of ecosystems, particularly those in the peri-urban areas. Infrastructure and engineered systems, their redundancy, sustainability, reliability and operability, calls for greater understanding and integration of ecological infrastructure along the social resilience in peri-urban areas of a city or major township.