Indigenous knowledge systems and climate change management in Africa

The book is an addition to previous efforts by CTA to document and share proven practices, tools or policies that promote resilience and help farmers to address the challenges posed by climate change. The efforts have helped to identify specific climate solutions that work for smallholder farmers in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) region. CTA has been working with a consortium of partners to scale up these climate solutions to the benefit of smallholder farmers. Climate change presents a profound challenge to food security and sustainable development in Africa. Its negative impacts are likely to be greatest in the African region, which is already food insecure. In the face of global climate change and its emerging challenges and unknowns, it is essential that decision makers base policies on the best available knowledge. In recent years, the knowledge of local and indigenous people, often referred to as indigenous knowledge (IK) has been increasingly recognised as an important source of climate knowledge and adaptation strategies.

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