Impact of climate change finance in agriculture on the poor

Impact of climate change finance in agriculture on the poor The impacts of climate change have manifested in multiple ways in the agriculture sector in Nepal, from crop losses due to severe floods, extended droughts, emergence of diseases and proliferation of pests. Public finance to support climate related programmes in agriculture plays a significant role in raising resilience to climate impacts. However, mainstreaming climate change and climate finance in planning mechanisms is a reiterative process which requires that the results of the ongoing climate-related programmes are regularly fed back into formal oversight and decision-making process in order to ensure that budget allocations effectively help achieve the intended results on the ground. Taking this into account, the Ministry of Agriculture Development (MoAD) has conducted an evaluation study on impact of climate related programmes and their budget in collaboration with National Disaster Risk Reduction Centre (NDRC) and with the technical input of UNDP. This report serves as reference material for policy makers and planners in effective planning and resource allocation.

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