Techno-economic analysis of stand-alone solar PV and battery based micro-grids in Karnataka

Access to electricity can bring about a transformative change in the economic conditions and growth of any country. It not only helps in improving the living conditions of the society at large, but also provides them with ample revenue opportunities to earn a livelihood. In India, the lack of electricity supply has affected the rural regions in many ways, including quality of life, agriculture and economic growth. Currently, close to three crore households are still awaiting access to electricity. Decentralised solar energy solutions like solar lanterns, solar home lighting systems, rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) systems, and solar micro-grids and mini-grids have been in use for quite some time. In this study, for select sites considered in Karnataka, analysed the feasibility of Solar PV Micro Grids (SPVMGs), considering its potential as a promising solution for electrifying rural homes and villages. SPVMGs can easily facilitate local generation and distribution of power, without relying on the central power grid.