Costs of emission reduction technologies for diesel engines used in non-road vehicles and equipment

Diesel engines used to power non-road equipment and vehicles, such as agricultural tractors and construction equipment, are a significant source of air pollutant emissions. Several regions around the world, led by the United States and the European Union, have implemented increasingly stringent performance-based emission standards for non-road diesel engines. These engines now incorporate improved emission control technologies and produce less than 10% of the pollutants emitted by their predecessors. For countries where standards lag behind international best practices or where no standards are in place, there is a significant opportunity to reduce emissions of harmful air pollutants from non-road engines through further regulatory action. The costs of non-road engine emission regulations are an important consideration for policymakers when evaluating new standards. This paper aims to quantify the per-engine costs incurred by non-road engine manufacturers to comply with U.S. and European emission standards.