Order of the Supreme Court of India regarding utilisation of funds collected over the years for environmental benefit, India, 20/07/2018

  • 20/07/2018

Order of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of In Re: T. N. Godavarman Thirumulpad Vs Union of India & Other dated 20/07/2018 regarding utilisation of the money collected over the years in different funds constituted as a result of the orders of the Supreme Court. Apex Court has been informed that the amount has crossed 91,000 crores. The affidavit filed on behalf of the Union of India (Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change) discloses that out of 91,000 crores, about 14,000 crores have been spent.

Court expresses concern over the fact that about 77,000 crores are lying under various funds, but these funds have not been gainfully used for the benefit of the people or the environment and categorically stated that "these funds of more than 91,000 crores cannot be treated as revenue for the Union of India or for the States".


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