Guidelines for sediment management in hydropower and water resources projects

Reservoir sedimentation has been a pertinent issue for diversion structures for a very long time. Sedimentation of reservoirs pose problems like loss of live storage, erosion and turbine coating, frequent shutdown of power due to maintenance of hydraulic machinery etc. Considering the need of the hour to address these issues, Central Water Commission had constituted a committee for Formulating Guidelines on Planning of Structures of Hydropower projects on Sediment Management for sediment management in hydropower projects vide letter dated CWC.No.06/14/2014-CMDD(NW&S)/362 dated 20/11/2014. Four meetings of the committee took place wherein the guidelines were discussed in detail. After due consultation and studies, the final draft of the guidelines "Sediment Management in Hydropower and Water Resources Projects" is prepared duly incorporating suggestions that evolved during the meetings and otherwise from committee members and special experts.