Energy efficiency 2018: analysis and outlooks to 2040

Energy Efficiency 2018, the sixth edition in the IEA Market Report Series, is the global tracker of trends and indicators in energy efficiency and an invaluable resource for energy efficiency policy makers and market actors. This year’s report provides a special feature in the form of a new World Energy Outlook Efficient World Scenario, which answers the question: What would happen if policy makers realised all the economically viable potential for energy efficiency that is available with existing technologies? This Efficient World Scenario and historic data are used to examine the following questions: What is the current rate of global progress on improving energy efficiency? What opportunities are available to scale up global efforts on energy efficiency to 2040? What multiple benefits does energy efficiency deliver, and how might these grow in future? What are the current energy efficiency trends in the transport, buildings, and industry sectors? What are current levels of investment in energy efficiency and by how much does investment need to increase in future to realise the opportunity of the Efficient World Scenario? What innovations in energy efficiency finance and business models could be expanded to drive greater levels of energy efficiency investment?

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