Worldwide cost of living 2019: which global cities have the highest cost of living?

According to the latest Economist survey report, Bengaluru has the lowest cost of living among the 133 cities surveyed across the world, more affordable than Karachi, Delhi and Chennai. Only Caracas (Venezuela), Damascus (Syria), Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Almaty (Kazakhstan) had lower costs of living than Bengaluru. Chennai and New Delhi were the ninth and tenth most affordable cities in the world respectively. Bengaluru’s 129 rank among the cities with the highest cost of living has remained unchanged from last year. However, Chennai and New Delhi have gotten more expensive over the last year with their ranks increasing by a point each. To an extent this remains true, and Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi and Karachi feature among the ten cheapest locations surveyed. India is tipped for rapid economic expansion but, in per-head terms, wage and spending growth will remain low, stated the annual 2019 Worldwide Cost of Living Survey published by The Economist’s Intelligence Unit.