Catalyzing biofortified food systems: the 2018 annual report

More than 38 million people were growing and eating biofortified crops in 2018. The annual report, Catalyzing Biofortified Food Systems, highlights accomplishments in developing and disseminating these nutritious crops globally as the biofortification movement gained more momentum. HarvestPlus facilitated the release of 28 new varieties of biofortified crops in 2018, bringing the total since 2004 to 211 varieties in 30 countries. (See which crops are available where on our latest crop map). Zinc maize was released in Colombia, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Niger saw the first release of iron pearl millet in Africa, and Indonesia, a country with high levels of stunting, will now benefit from the release of zinc rice. A new partnership between HarvestPlus and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition will spur private sector engagement to reach hundreds of millions more consumers with biofortified foods.