Economic valuation of tiger reserves in India: a value approach

The Phase-II Study was commissioned with the objective of accomplishing economic valuation of tiger reserves in ten tiger reserves, viz. Anamalai (Tamil Nadu), Bandipur (Karnataka), Dudhwa (Uttar Pradesh), Melghat (Maharashtra), NagarjunasagarSrisailam (Andhra Pradesh), Pakke (Arunachal Pradesh), Palamau (Jharkhand), Panna (Madhya Pradesh), Similipal (Odisha), and Valmiki (Bihar) with improved methodology and frameworks and also to further enrich the outcomes of the Phase-I Study by identifying underlying gaps. The TOR, as per MoU dated June 3, 2016 between NTCA and IIFM lays down three specific objectives to be fulfilled through the Phase-II Study.