Earthquake disaster risk index report

India’s hazard profile shows that about 59 percent area of India is vulnerable to moderate to major earthquakes. It is evident from past earthquakes such as Manipur (2016), Nepal (2015), Sikkim (2011), Kashmir (2005), Bhuj (2001), Chamoli (1999), Jabalpur (1997) and Latur (1993) that all type of buildings sustain damage if not designed properly. The experiences of these earthquakes have demonstrated that many typical buildings of different types have sustained significant damage in these earthquakes. More than 90% of the casualties in past earthquakes in India have occurred due to collapse of houses and structures. The loss of life and property can be minimized significantly by ensuring better code compliance of upcoming constructions and undertaking seismic retrofitting of existing buildings thereby making them earthquake resilient. Therefore, the need was felt to quantify the earthquake risk to the buildings so that decision makers put the adequate structural measures after prioritizing the buildings.

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