Digitising the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process: A user-centred approach to designing an EIA process for the future

The report highlights the outcome of in-depth user research into industry challenges and opportunities for transformation, as well as the development of seven concepts which hope to deliver a digital and data-led future for EIA. These concepts are a direct result of interviews and testing with a wide range of stakeholders across the sector, and for those we prioritised, the report considers the user experience and a road map of implementation for each. EIAs are regulated by EU/UK legislation and are a crucial part of the design evolution and approval process for major projects. The purpose of an EIA is to ensure the environmental and social effects of major development proposals are understood prior to decisions being taken and to aid public participation in decision-making. However, currently they’re seen as burdensome, impenetrable, and very rarely do we monitor if they were correct. Despite other PropTech innovations, digital technology is not being exploited to capture data or deliver efficient and effective ways of producing Environmental Statements (the product of an EIA).