Children Of The Pandemic Policies Needed To Support Children During The Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 crisis is asking a great deal of the nation’s children, as well as their parents, carers and wider families. Schools and childcare facilities have closed, exams are on hold, and normal social activities are confined to online interactions. In short, for a generation of children, a normal childhood is out of reach for the foreseeable future. As our economy is grinding to a near halt, this crisis has exposed schools and childcare as the vital social infrastructure that they are. Without them, large parts of our economy cannot function, and parents cannot go to work. This childcare crisis will affect men and women differently. The vast majority of lone parents in the UK are women, and women in two-parent families are more likely to be the second earner. Without further action from government to protect parents in work, this crisis could see women lose significant portions of their income or be pushed out of the labour market altogether as families are faced with impossible choices in trying to balance work with full-time caring responsibilities. This could result in lasting damage to hard-won progress towards gender parity in the world of work.