Climate Change could burgeon into Covid-19 like crisis, warn most urban Indians: Ipsos Earth Day 2020 Global Survey

April 22nd is World Earth Day. Ipsos global survey on the theme shows majority of urban Indians (81%) being concerned about Climate Change and placing it at par with Covid-19 crisis, in seriousness and magnitude. Global citizens (71%) too echo the same view and are highly concerned. The survey was conducted online among more than 28,000 adults between April 16th and April 19th 2020. Further, keeping in view the deepening concern, majority of urban Indians (81%) are endorsing a green economic recovery from Covid-19. In fact, India (77%) and China (74%) foresee increased environmental activism in the post Covid-19, era. Global citizens were though split in their views (51 per cent however agreed). However, there was strong agreement about positive changes in the offing – of people consciously choosing products healthier for the environment – 79% agreed at the global level and China (91%), Mexico (91%) and India (91%) too showed support.