Report filed by UPPCB on bio-medical waste management by CBMWTF, Bijoli, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, 13/03/2020

  • 13/03/2020

*Compliance report filed by the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB), pursuant to the National Green Tribunal order of October 31, 2019 in Original Application No. 915/2019 in the matter of Ravi Sharma Vs State of Uttar Pradesh. The matter relates to disposal of bio-medical waste by M/s Medical Pollution Control Committee (CBMWTF), Growth Center, Industrial Area, Bijoli, Jhansi.

At the time of inspection, it was found that disposal of bio-medial waste collected by various hospitals and health care facilities (HCFs) was improper. During inspection, it was observed that the plant machinery of CBMWTF was under modernization/renovation stage and not in a position to work perfectly.

Partially, incineration of bio medical waste was being disposed through improper temperature. A large quantity of BMW was transported from various hospitals and other HCFs but due to improper handling, disposal and incineration it was stored at various places in dry-wet conditions within the CBMWTF premises. The dry-wet BMW was being transported to sister concern unit at Panki, Kanpur by truck, without prior permission of UPPCB. The report further said that the ETP was not functional and ash of incinerated bio medical waste was not being stored as per Hazardous Waste Rule 2016 and ash was being thrown outside the premises improperly.

Note: The report of March 13, 2020 was uploaded on the NGT site on May 10, 2020