Africa Regional Integration Index Report 2019

The 2019 Africa Regional Integration Index (ARII) assesses the regional integration status and efforts of countries that are members of the eight regional economic communities recognised by the African Union. It compares each country to the other countries in its regional economic community and to the countries of Africa as a whole. Why are some countries and regional economic communities more regionally integrated than others? Part of the answer is geographical proximity. Evidence indicates that countries that share a border tend to exchange more goods and services with each other and transaction costs are often lower. But historical links, comparative advantages, regional policies,and topography also play a role. By measuring integration in each country and each regional economic community along five dimensions, ARII reveals areas in which that country and community’s integration policies work better. It also indicates areas needing improvement. Policymakers and others can use this critical information to better allocate resources and implement decisions.

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