Report by GPCB on the remediation process carried out by Ashapura Perfoclay, village Ler, taluka Bhuj, district Kutch, Gujarat

  • 01/06/2020

Action taken report in pursuance of National Green Tribunal order of November 20, 2019 regarding remediation process of groundwater and gypsum removal by the industrial unit - Ashapura Perfoclay Ltd. (village Ler, taluka Bhuj, district Kutch, Gujarat) in addition to conducting periodical checks. The tribunal also directed the issuance of a public notice regarding the unfitness of the groundwater for drinking and other uses in the interest of public health. 

Joint committee inspections by Central Pollution Control Board and Gujarat Pollution Control Board were carried out to in the year 2019 and 2020 to assess and verify the averments made by the unit regarding the remediation process in their monthly progress reports.

The inspections show that the unit was engaged in the removal of gypsum from the dumped sites and a total of 108185.48 MT of gypsum was disposed by the unit from Jan 2019 till Feb 2020, out of which 85739 MT had been disposed to cement industries for co-processing and 22445.93 MT for backfilling of abandoned mines.

Out of 39 sites, the unit has lifted and removed gypsum from 26 sites while 13 sites still remain. The unit had obtained permission vide CCA Amendment of July 29, 2019 from GPCB for back filling of waste gypsum in the abandoned mines at Mata Na Madh, Taluka Lakhpat, district Kutch and had already started disposing waste gypsum in the said mine. The unit had also obtained permission from GPCB for back filling of another abandoned mine located at survey no. 420/23, villge Pundi, taluk Mandvi, district Kutch.

Available records shows that unit was using fresh lime for neutralization process and had stopped using ammonia contaminated lime from GNFC and thus had eliminated the source of contamination. The analysis trend of ground water samples shows that concentration of ammonical nitrogen decreased on both the contaminated bore-wells where restoration process was in place, however the concentration levels are still significantly high.

Further, the unit was in the process of establishing one ground water recharge well which may help in reduction of contamination level. The GPCB report recommended that as the unit was located in Kutch region of Gujarat, a rain deficient area and the unit was extracting groundwater for restoration processes. The unit should be directed to provide additional rainwater harvesting wells on suitable locations for speedy restoration as well as recharging of groundwater.

Note: The report was uploaded to the NGT site on June 9, 2020