Report on mud car rallies, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 27/01/2020

  • 27/01/2020

Inspection report by the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) dated 27/01/2020. Compliance of National Green Tribunal order dated October 22, 2019 in case no. 832/2019. The matter related to holding of mud car rally illegally in the Bhoj wetland (Upper Lake) of Bhopal by a sports group called 'Bhopal Rally Championship'.

The NGT had directed the Madhya Pradesh State Wetland Authority (MPSWA), MPPCB and the State Biodiversity Board to look into the matter. During inspection, the applicant Rashid Noor Khan told the inspection team that the mud car rally was conducted in and around Kaliasote reservoir area and showed two sites of mud car rally at Kaliasote Reservoir near Shiv Mandir and barrier of Kaliasote reservoir and second one near Sanskar Valley School. The participants also practiced at the site for about a week. It is to be noted that rally route is within the Kaliasote reservoir which is not part of Bhoj wetland but linked to it.

The applicant also informed the team that due to the car rallies - flora and fauna, habitats and breeding ground are adversely affected and solid waste gets accumulated near rally path in Kaliasote reservoir due to throwing of solid waste including plastic and thermocol.

The committee recommended that no car rallies be allowed in any of the wetlands of Bhopal. They may be organised in much of the undulating terrains away from wetlands of Bhopal. Rally organizer should obtain necessary permissions from local administration for the entire car rally route well in advance. Where ever car rallies are allowed it would be the responsibility of rally organizer to make arrangements for collection as well disposal of entire solid waste generated during rally and a security deposit should be taken from the rally organizer.

Note: The report was uploaded to the NGT site on June 23, 2020

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