The Circularity Gap Report Norway

  • 26/08/2020

The Circularity Gap Report Norway is an in-depth analysis of how Norway consumes raw materials—metals, fossil fuels, biomass and minerals—to fuel its societal needs. Currently, 97.6% of materials consumed each year never make it back into the economy. Norway also has one of the highest per capita consumption rates in the world at 44.3 tonnes per person. If everyone were to live like Norwegians, we would need the equivalent of three and half globes worth of resources. Norway’s Circularity Metric is 2.4%, and at 44.3 tonnes per person, per year, it has one of the highest global rates of consumption, per capita. Of all the materials consumed in the country, over 97% are not cycled back into the economy. This is Norway’s Circularity Gap. The reality of the linear economy in Norway is complex and suggests that the country should not only strive to increase its circularity but should also prioritise strategies that reduce its overall and absolute consumption: its material footprint.