Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India on construction of toilets in schools by CPSEs, Union Government (Commercial)

During the survey of 2,612 toilets reported by CPSEs to have been constructed, 200 toilets were not found constructed in the respective schools and 86 toilets were found to be only partially constructed. The non-existing and partially constructed toilets constituted 11 per cent of toilets surveyed. Out of 1,967 coeducational schools surveyed by Audit, 99 had no functional toilets while 436 had only one functional toilet. Out of 2,326 constructed toilets surveyed, 691 (30 per cent) were found not in use mainly due to lack of running water, lack of cleaning arrangements, damages to the toilets and other reasons like use of toilets for other purposes, toilets locked up etc.